Monday, August 24, 2009

P. arida and P. morifolia blooming!

I have anxiousily been waiting for P. arida to bloom. It has the fuzziest leaves and beautiful greenery all over!

This plant was supposed to be P. membranacea but I've learned it's not! Sometimes you never know what you're going to get when you order.... which makes it kind of fun, too! This plant ended up being (we're pretty sure) P. morifolia.... it's growing like crazy and has tons of blooms!

P. pure vida #7 is the prettiest color! She has many buds waiting to bloom....
P. incense bloomed today for the first time. I thought it had been blooming already, but that was actually P. 'Blue-eyed Susan'. I didn't look at the tag and just went on memory. They both bloomed today so I could see the differences!

This one is P. 'Blue-eyed Susan'....
....and this one is P. 'incense'

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