Sunday, September 20, 2009

Passiflora 'Sunburst' and Passiflora piresii

I've had Passiflora 'Sunburst' for almost four years.... it finally decided to bloom!!! For all but about two months, I had the plant at work and kept it above our records cabinet. It got indirect sunlight and the whole room is pretty bright. It didn't grow much at all. Finally, I decided to re-pot it, take it home and bring it outside, and miracle-grow it. Out-of-the-blue, one day, I noticed a new stem seemed to grow over an inch a day. I watched and watched, amazed at the quick growth,... and then even happier when I noticed some buds! Wow! The buds came out on 8/20/09 and actually bloomed two flowers on 9/18/09. Seems like passion flowers are a practice in patience.

I had to run home for a second during lunch and just happened to glance outside on my deck where I have many of the flowers. This beautiful orange blossom immediately caught my eye! I grabbed the pot and put it in the car to take it back to work and show it off. The stink was outrageous!!! I've never seen anything so beautiful to stink so badly!

... Passiflora piresii is the most beautiful orangey-red. This one budded on 8/15/09 and finally bloomed 9/17/09! I was surprised how large the bloom was.... worth the wait!