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Showing posts from May, 2011

The first Lady of the year!

This is my first P. 'Lady Margaret' bloom of the season. I'm excited to see these blooms multiply. There are four hanging baskets of this variety that welcome me home with blossoms all over the place! My plant from two years ago didn't overwinter so I didn't have this one last year at all. So, I'm thrilled to have it now!

Example of hybrid magic

Eric and Crystal sweetly allowed me to use the photo of their hybrids.... it shows the difference in parents, all in the same picture. Hybridization (is that a correct word?) is truly a magical and fascinating process to me.....

First bloom of the season!

So excited to see a bloom, at last! P. 'Star of Surburton'. I do have to admit that it is a new plant and actually came to me with a bud on it. So I can't claim it as anything I did to make it bloom!