Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Fuschias are one of my favorite flowers.  I have overwintered probably ~25 or more.  Now's the time of year I need to repot and trim them down.  The extra stems I'll put in water or an awesome fertilizer called Eleanoors.  I mean it is AWESOME!!!  Two tablespoons in a gallon of water -  you put the stems in a glass with the mixed Eleanoors and within a week sometimes (two days for coleous to root!) you'll have roots coming out.  I'll leave the starts in the glass for months, changing the water/fertilizer mix every so often. My garden friends and I HIGHLY recommend it.  Usually they even give a free pint (not sure of the size) with every gallon you buy. 

And back to painting stuff.... :)  I painted these a few months ago.  This fuschia is just beautiful, it's one of the bigger, more frilly bloomers.  I enjoyed painting it on the journal paper.  It'll be interesting how much better (hopefully) I'll be able to paint them here later on on hot press watercolor paper. 

Colors used: winsor violet + quin magenta and one mix with much more quin magenta, opera rose, hansa yellow deep (D.S.) + cerulean chromium (D.S.) and then also added to that I added hookers green (which I don't usually use) and then burnt sienna added to the purples already on pallet.

Friday, September 23, 2016


I love roses, as probably most gardeners do but I don't have much luck growing them.  So I'm really glad Lowe's likes to grow them for me....!  Lots and lots of photos have been taken in the garden center this year.  I spent probably two hours drawing the rose on the bottom half and was pretty excited to paint it.  A few days after drawing it, I looked for the reference photo and it is nowhere to be seen!!!  I have searched and searched on phone, computers and cloud.  :(  Maybe one day I'll stumble upon it...   this was painted on May 29th, 2106 in my journal. 
Colors used: Quin Gold + Cerulean chromium both by Daniel Smith and then added this mix along with Jane's Gray mix very diluted, Antrhraquinoid Red + Hansa Yellow medium both by Daniel Smith, Hansa yellow medium (D.S.) + Opera Rose (Winsor Newton), Alizarin Crimson Perm. (W.N.) + Perm. Mauve (W.N.) and then added this mix to the greens already on palette, Sap Green (W.N.) + Ultramarine  Blue (D.S.), Quin Gold (D.S.) + Sap Green (W.N.), Alizarin Crimson Perm. (W.N.) + Sap Green (W.N.), Quin red (D.S.) + Jane's Gray mix

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pervuvian Lilly

 I love these flowers.  My Granny's would come back after a long cold winter.  I won't trust that with mine.  I have this pink one and real bright red one. 

She is a fun flower to paint.  I like the little dots on the left hand petal.  This was painted on journal paper as a study so there wasn't much "workability" with the paint as there would have been using watercolor paper. 

I guess I'll start mentioning what colors I use.  I really appreciate it when I see a  painting I love on a blog and the artist was kind enough to say what colors and mixes they used! 

(colors used:  Quin. magenta + opera rose (then added perm. rose along to that), cobalt violet + opera rose (then added a tad burnt sienna to that), * "Jane's Gray mix" + pinks on palette for the petals.

Sap green + French ultramarine blue (and then added "Jane's Gray mix + burnt sienna + sap green/French ultramarine blue mix from palette),lemon yellow + sap green for leaves and stem.

"Jane's Gray" mix + touch of cobalt violet/opera rose mix from palette in a very pale wash for stamens.)

*"Jane's Gray" mix: equal mix of French ultramarine blue and burnt sienna (leaning more towards blue)    Jane Blundell is an awesome artist whom has done probably a gazillon watercolor mixes.  She has shared them on her site.  She has created e-books with her mixes and recommended pallets.  I've learned a great deal about colors from her site.   Jane Blundell art

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A fading rose....

I loved the fading petals and wanted to try my hand at that.  It was good practice in shading and trying different pinks and light red hues.  I didn't finish the left over part of the flower when all the blooms fade.  I drew all of those little bits and it took a while so I'll go back one day and finish it up.  Lowe's is a great place to take photos of roses.   That's the one flower I just can't seem to do well with overwintering.  A friend has gorgeous peach and yellow roses I've taken a gazillion photos of!  I look forward to painting them!  I painted this several months ago.  There is SOOO much to still learn but I'm enjoying the process very much....

Friday, September 9, 2016

This sketch is of a beautiful dogwood that was in bloom at Lowe's.  I loved the reddish hues.  If I had a proper place to plant it I probably would have brought it home with me!  Instead, I made due with taking many, many photos on a couple of different occasions while buying flowers at Lowe's.  Finally, someone bought that lovely tree.... 
This is a terrible photo, I'll take a better one and replace it.  I look forward to repainting these blooms.  I painted this many, many months ago....  Hopefully, I'll be able to tell my improvement!


I was looking forward to painting this zinnia because of all the different pink hues and especially the brown faded splotches!  I figured...