Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pervuvian Lilly

 I love these flowers.  My Granny's would come back after a long cold winter.  I won't trust that with mine.  I have this pink one and real bright red one. 

She is a fun flower to paint.  I like the little dots on the left hand petal.  This was painted on journal paper as a study so there wasn't much "workability" with the paint as there would have been using watercolor paper. 

I guess I'll start mentioning what colors I use.  I really appreciate it when I see a  painting I love on a blog and the artist was kind enough to say what colors and mixes they used! 

(colors used:  Quin. magenta + opera rose (then added perm. rose along to that), cobalt violet + opera rose (then added a tad burnt sienna to that), * "Jane's Gray mix" + pinks on palette for the petals.

Sap green + French ultramarine blue (and then added "Jane's Gray mix + burnt sienna + sap green/French ultramarine blue mix from palette),lemon yellow + sap green for leaves and stem.

"Jane's Gray" mix + touch of cobalt violet/opera rose mix from palette in a very pale wash for stamens.)

*"Jane's Gray" mix: equal mix of French ultramarine blue and burnt sienna (leaning more towards blue)    Jane Blundell is an awesome artist whom has done probably a gazillon watercolor mixes.  She has shared them on her site.  She has created e-books with her mixes and recommended pallets.  I've learned a great deal about colors from her site.   Jane Blundell art