Friday, September 23, 2016


I love roses, as probably most gardeners do but I don't have much luck growing them.  So I'm really glad Lowe's likes to grow them for me....!  Lots and lots of photos have been taken in the garden center this year.  I spent probably two hours drawing the rose on the bottom half and was pretty excited to paint it.  A few days after drawing it, I looked for the reference photo and it is nowhere to be seen!!!  I have searched and searched on phone, computers and cloud.  :(  Maybe one day I'll stumble upon it...   this was painted on May 29th, 2106 in my journal. 
Colors used: Quin Gold + Cerulean chromium both by Daniel Smith and then added this mix along with Jane's Gray mix very diluted, Antrhraquinoid Red + Hansa Yellow medium both by Daniel Smith, Hansa yellow medium (D.S.) + Opera Rose (Winsor Newton), Alizarin Crimson Perm. (W.N.) + Perm. Mauve (W.N.) and then added this mix to the greens already on palette, Sap Green (W.N.) + Ultramarine  Blue (D.S.), Quin Gold (D.S.) + Sap Green (W.N.), Alizarin Crimson Perm. (W.N.) + Sap Green (W.N.), Quin red (D.S.) + Jane's Gray mix