Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Echinacea or "Corn Flower" is a hardy, kind of cottagey looking flower which goes to seed like CRAZY!  If all goes well, they will bloom year after year and the seedlings will surprise you all over the garden (and the neighbors, and the next state over... lol)! 

I have deep purple, white, orangey and pinky ones.  This is the first year I didn't "dead head" the blooms as soon as the blossoms were spent.  I happened upon the white one which was fading into brown and had splotches missing from it.  It was love at first site!  Julia Trickey is an amazing artist who also has videos showing some of her techniques.  She has painted several large paintings of flowers being way long faded and they are STUNNING!  I love her style which inspired me to paint these studies....
Color mixes used:  on top flower: cobalt violet + quin magenta, opera rose, opera rose + permanent rose, opera rose + quin rose (D.S.) + tad of scarlet lake and then also added perm alizarin crimson to that mix, sap green (W.N.), sap green + French ultramarine blue and then also added perm alizarin crimson to that mix.
for bottom flower: cadmium orange + French ultramarine blue, quin magenta + cadmium pale yellow + French ultramarine blue, French ultramarine blue + perm alizarin crimson, winsor blue green shade + lemon yellow, perm. mauve + raw umbe (D.S.), sap green + olive green, lemon yellow, lemon yellow + quin gold (D.S.), then two mixes of (sap green + olive green) and (lemon yellow + quin gold (D.S.)) both added together, quin gold (D.S.) + cadmium orange, Botanical Gray mix (see notes), cadmium red deep + cobalt blue, + cadmium pale hue, perm rose + cobalt blue + cad pale hue, lemon yellow + cad red deep + winsor blue green shade, sap green + golden lake (Maimeri Blu), French ultramarine blue + quin gold (D.S,), raw umber (D.S.), Jane's Gray mix + burnt sienna (D.S.), sap green + quin gold

 Color mixes: for top flower: translucent orange (Schmincke) and then also added burnt sienna + perm rose (with a mix of stronger perm rose also), quin magenta + perm rose, sap green + hookers green and then also added to that mix hansa yellow deep (D.S.)

for bottom flower: perm mauve + quin magenta (both colors by themselves as well), French ultramarine blue + quin gold (D.S.), perm violet bluish + Jane's Gray mix, Jane's Gray mix + quin magenta (very light mix), cobalt violet + quin magenta, perm alizarin crimson + perm. mauve and then also added to the mix perm green deep (Maimeri Blue), pthalo green (D.S.) + quin rose (D.S.), Hansa yellow deep (D.S.) + cobalt blue and then also added sap green to the mix