Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Oriental Poppy

just LOVE poppies.... they are one of my favorite flowers! The delicate petals can be difficult to portray.   It was Mother's Day this past year when while I was heading to her house, Mom called and told me she had seen some of these orange poppies blooming on a little hill near a florist.  They were growing wildly and in our opinion, they needed a new home! :)          

I immediately grabbed my nice yellow digger from Lowe's that is so heavy it quickly digs up anything with a couple of swings!   I really should have one in my car at all times!  I took many photos and then proceeded to dig away.  The dirt had so many leaves and roots which made it difficult to dig the poppy's roots properly.  

I painted this one in my sketchbook and then months later I went back and darkened some areas.  I worked on the "crinkles" a little more.  The center isn't how I'd wish I could have painted it.  But in time, I'll get there....  It took quite a lot of time to choose orange mixes that make me happy!  

Color mixes: (there a lot of them.... from top to bottom, here we go...) Buff (D.S.) + Pyrrol Scarlet (D.S.) and then also added to the mix Hansa Yellow Medium (D.S.), Hansa Yellow Medium (D.S.) + Quin Rose (D.S.), Hansa Yellow Med. (D.S.) + Pyrrol Scarlet (D.S.), Translucent Orange (Schmincke) + Scarlet Lake, Translucent  Orange (Schmincke) + French Vermillion (Sennelier), Cadmium Orange + Perm Rose and then added the next mix together, the next mix is Garnet Lake (Maimeri Blue) + Perm. Alizarin Crimson, French Ultramarine + Perm. Alizarin Crimson, Translucent Orange (Schmincke)+ Anthraquinoid Red (D.S.), Pyroll Scarlet (D.S.) + Quin Rose, Red Orange (Sennelier) +French Vermillion (Sennelier), Hansa Yellow Medium (D.S.) + French Vermillion (Sennelier), Lemon Yellow (Sennelier) + Red Orange (Sennelier) - made for a nice "glaze" over top of the petals, Sap Green + Olive Green, Phtalo Green light (Sennelier) + Forest Green              That was a bunch and it took a while to figure out the mixes but now I have them in my sketchbook for later when I need to figure out a hue!