Sunday, March 26, 2017


I've found this ginger plant at one of our local grocery stores the past two years.  I usually somehow kill it but I think I just figured out it's a bulb plant so maybe it's supposed to die back each year.  I just dug out the bulb so I'll watch for it to sprout, sometime, eventually....

It's a gorgeous bloom that's uniquely interesting! I'm still looking for my photos to share.
As before, this was painted last year in my mixed media journal.   It'll be one I look forward to repainting this year.  As you probably have come to realize,.... I have ALOT of flowers I want to "re-paint" this year as well as new ones I'm just itching to get started on. 
{color mxes: Cobalt Violet + Opera Rose, C.V. + Quinacrodone Magenta, Windsor Violet, Hansa Yellow Medium (D.S.) + Cerulean Chromium (D.S.) and then add that mix to French Ultramarine Blue, Bright Violet (Holbein) + O.R.,  I somehow added the H.Y.M + C.C (D.S.) + F.U.B. mix to the B.V. (Holbein) + Q.M. mix to get a purplish tan color - don't ask}

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