Sunday, March 26, 2017


Hydrangeas come in all sizes and types of colors.... some the flowers bud out all at once and look like a snowball (which is what my Mom calls them, "Snowball bushes") while others bud out staggeredly and I think they are called a "lace cap" variety....  All I know for sure, Lowe's nursery is a great place to take tons of photos without having to purchase the plants.    It was the greatest personal epiphany  when I realized I didn't have to BUY each and every flower I wanted to paint.... most places don't mind at all if you take photos.  Be careful though, I've been bent down before getting just the perfect angle from above and get hosed down by an employee watering flowers who didn't realize I was there.  Awkward!  And refreshing, it WAS pretty hot that day. 

This one seems so plain to me.  No depth, no dry brushing, but I'll share it anyway.  It was painted about a year ago in my mixed media journal...

(color mixes added later)