Saturday, March 25, 2017


Irises are so pretty! There are still a bunch of yellow and purples ones at my Granny's house... I dug some up last summer and transplanted them to my own garden.  They'll be a wonderfully sweet reminder of my loving Granny...

These are a tricky flower in my opinion.... with all those veins and curling petals.... I'm still trying to figure out how to paint the folds and valleys of petals (like irises, poppies, well most flowers I seem to want to paint)! 

Anna Mason has a brilliant tutorial on how to paint a frilly white and purple iris.  It's extremely inspiring to watch the painting come alive in each step.... ANNA MASON'S IRIS TUTORIAL (PRE-VIEW VIDEO)

(painted last summer)

I painted this one several months after the previous one... I can feel some improvement and I can "see" details much clearer... it's just I have to figure how to put that on paper. 
(base layer of colors)

(I'll add the color mixes when I get home later... I used a different manufacturer of French Ultramarine Blue... it's MUCH grainier than the Winsor and Newton I usually use.  You can see the "grain" in the purple parts.)