Wednesday, March 29, 2017


This is a fascinating flower with the lacey greenery and the awesome pods that grow after the flower fades.  It's supposed to self-seed in abundance but I always pick the pod before it dries and the seeds mature.  There is white one at my new home my Mom had planted when it was her house years and years ago.  It should be sprouting from the ground any day now, actually!

This is one of the plants I found at one of our client's garden... the one with all the poppies! She had these love-in-the-mist that almost looked like bushes they were so tall and full.  I didn't know they'll do that.  Along with a gazillion of poppy seeds, Mrs. Gillespie gave me many of these seeds as well (both in their dried pods which is awesome for painting and arrangements).

(I'll add color mixes in a little while)