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Lupines are a tall, noble plant.  They take a couple of years to bloom (I'm pretty sure) if you grow them from seed.  Luckily for me, two of my brothers work for a landscaping company and their boss man is a nice guy who let me buy plants at wholesale price!  Whoohoo!  It was too late in the process to make my wish list of what to pick up for me..... but I at least got several lupines, some gorgeous irises and columbine for cheap! 
It was last summer when I painted this study.... I'm going to get caught up on all my previous studies (get them all here on the blog) so that soon I'll be painting, learning and sharing in real time. 
The lupine was FUN to paint and even just draw for that matter.  All those little bits tucked in just right.  It was like a puzzle.  This is one I look forward to repainting again this year.  It's not even April and one of the plants is already showing many leaves!   

(I love the fan shaped leaves)

(this was painted last year in my study book)
(I started a smaller study on actual watercolor paper but haven't finished it.  I wanted to see the difference of painting on mixed media paper as to real watercolor paper.  It's a world of difference but I still enjoy the mixed media paper.  It becomes a real "treat" when I actually decide to use "real" paper!)

(I'll include the color mixes when I get home)


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Fuschias are one of my favorite flowers.  I have overwintered probably ~25 or more.  Now's the time of year I need to repot and trim them down.  The extra stems I'll put in water or an awesome fertilizer called Eleanoors.  I mean it is AWESOME!!!  Two tablespoons in a gallon of water -  you put the stems in a glass with the mixed Eleanoors and within a week sometimes (two days for coleous to root!) you'll have roots coming out.  I'll leave the starts in the glass for months, changing the water/fertilizer mix every so often. My garden friends and I HIGHLY recommend it.  Usually they even give a free pint (not sure of the size) with every gallon you buy. 

And back to painting stuff.... :)  I painted these a few months ago.  This fuschia is just beautiful, it's one of the bigger, more frilly bloomers.  I enjoyed painting it on the journal paper.  It'll be interesting how much better (hopefully) I'll be able to paint them here later on on hot press watercolor …

A frustrating study on purples for an IRIS....

Never have I yet to have had such a time with a study as I did with this little purple iris! The main problem was trying to find the perfect bluish/purple (and especially to show the light shining through the top petal).... The search for the perfect purple led me on mission that involved color theory books, asking the experts on FaceBook Botanical groups and a lot of mixing and playing with colors...

Deciding I needed to figure out which blues of mine are "warm" and which are "cool",.... I did a color chart so I'll know for the future.  This will be very helpful in mixing purples because I learned the only way to get the really bright brilliant purples I was needing is to mix reds and purples that are close together on the color wheel (perfect example is Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta makes the prettiest brightest purples)...

This is advice from FaceBook by LEE ANGOLD: "Which colors to mix depends on the vibrancy you are looking to achieve.  …


I'm taking Dianne Sutherland's new ROSE class!  I'm at the very beginning where she asks us to paint a rose with leaf.  I really enjoyed painting the rose,... took my time, did some drybrush work (which I'm still trying to get the hang of).... on the leaves, I just got off on the wrong colors and went downhill from there.  You can just feel when things aren't going right for unexplainable reasons!

Then the first assignment is to accurately measure and draw the front and back of at least four different rose petals.  Then transfer them to watercolor paper and paint them....easy, right? Nope, not for me.  At least not right now.  I can get the drawing down okay... but then painting them is somehow being very difficult to me.  How can painting one single little petal throw me into a tizzy?


Then the first assignment is to accurately measure and draw the front and back of at least four different rose petals.  Then transfer them to watercolor paper and paint them....ea…