Saturday, March 25, 2017


Lupines are a tall, noble plant.  They take a couple of years to bloom (I'm pretty sure) if you grow them from seed.  Luckily for me, two of my brothers work for a landscaping company and their boss man is a nice guy who let me buy plants at wholesale price!  Whoohoo!  It was too late in the process to make my wish list of what to pick up for me..... but I at least got several lupines, some gorgeous irises and columbine for cheap! 
It was last summer when I painted this study.... I'm going to get caught up on all my previous studies (get them all here on the blog) so that soon I'll be painting, learning and sharing in real time. 
The lupine was FUN to paint and even just draw for that matter.  All those little bits tucked in just right.  It was like a puzzle.  This is one I look forward to repainting again this year.  It's not even April and one of the plants is already showing many leaves!   

(I love the fan shaped leaves)

(this was painted last year in my study book)
(I started a smaller study on actual watercolor paper but haven't finished it.  I wanted to see the difference of painting on mixed media paper as to real watercolor paper.  It's a world of difference but I still enjoy the mixed media paper.  It becomes a real "treat" when I actually decide to use "real" paper!)

(I'll include the color mixes when I get home)