Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This old forgotten and beat up kitchen cabinet was my Aunt's.  There was one a lot like it in my Granny's kitchen I hoped to get after her passing but someone else got it.  So, my Aunt let me have this one from her husband's side of the family. 

I instantly got to work on it!  A good cleaning, new paint and door knobs and she looks brand new.  It's where I store all of my papers, paints and brushes. I just love how it turned it!

I've since changed the table I paint on, now it's my round kitchen table switched out for this one.  Made more room in my dinning room....  And I put the round table right underneath the only light source (I can't see squat - need better lighting).  I always use an extra light shinning right down on my work as I paint.  Finally got glasses so I can see better what I'm painting.  No more excuse..... lol!

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