Sunday, March 26, 2017


This is a really spectacular plant.  I've not seen what it does during the spring or summer before it's flower turns into this really cool green and then develops into brilliant orange "berries".... The leaves are beautiful even in winter.  I've gotten a tiny "start" from my garden friend who has mounds of these and also where I took all my photos last year to paint.  So, again, this is a study from last year in my mixed media journal. 

There is also my JACK IN THE PULPIT going to seed on the left side.  That's the coolest story! Each Mother's Day I go into the woods and look for trilliums. There's a place I found with hundreds of trilliums just growing wild near a creek down a very, very, very dangerously steep hill in what we call here the "boonies".  Which means in a place out of now where that if you slip and fall no one would ever find you.... But I love my Mom and she loves trilliums so I go digging.  And to make it that much more fun, This time I took my brother and his two boys who think this is the greatest adventure EVER!  And it's rainy.  Yes!

I'm digging up trilliums and finding really beautiful ferns of different varieties. All of a sudden out of no where, I look down and scream "JACK"!!!  The kids look at me like I'm crazy.  I've never seen one in real life but here one is.... a jack in the pulpit!  Such an awesome find.  So we have to search and search until we find one for each of us (Mom and me).  I can't believe we find two! That was the year before.

So, last year, I go again but by myself.  Digging up beautiful ferns and praying for another "jack" (I found them online for over $40).  I had two of those big FoodLion bags that have a flat bottom.  Great for flower picking.  Both are already about 40 pounds each full of plants, roots and dirt (and a couple of energy drinks).  The hill is so steep and slippery it's hard to walk and much less carrying the extremely heavy bags.  I put one down to get it on my way back and head to a patch of maiden hair ferns I found (awesome find), they are so delicate in how they fan out.  It starts pouring down rain.  I'm so far from my car and have to go back to get the bag I had sat down.  I've looked almost four hours for a "jack" and haven't had any luck.  

Well, going back to the bag, I'm just above it and figure the best way to tread was to slide on my hiney until I reached the bag.  As soon as I plopped down my hand layed right beside a "JACK"!!!! It  was complete luck again.  And the only one I found all day.  Heading home drenched and my arms and back aching so badly, I was smiling! Trip - a success.

Long story short, here is Jack in the pulpit that overwinter and came back out for me to paint!  We'll see if he does again.  I know where I'm heading close to Mother's Day... another probably rainy day snitching trilliums, ferns and "Jacks".  Oh, and this past time, I found a huge patch of Beebalm.  What on Earth? 
(Orange candle flower)

(Orange candle flower)

(Orange candle flower)

(I'll add color mixes another time)

I'll find a photo of my Jack in the pulpit to share.  This was fun to paint even last year.  It'll be interesting to see how it'll look now. I actually just this week drew another orange candle flower to paint.  We'll compare the two we I finish.

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