Sunday, March 26, 2017


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE poppies!  There are gazillions of seeds I have ordered and been given by friends that I hoard.  Too scared to put them out and have them fail to come up,.. I just sit there knowing I have such possibility in those tiny little seeds - if only I'd put them out in the dirt and let Mother Nature take over.  This is the year... i'm going to do it! 

A sweet grandmotherly type of woman who brings her pets into where I work (I'm a veterinary assistant) told me about her flowers that were in bloom last year.  I don't know why I asked her if she had any poppies and was completely surprised when she said she did and that they were in full bloom that very second!  Well,, as soon as work was finished I hightailed it to her house and you just can't imagine the look on my face when I walked up to here garden.  I believe my jaw truly dropped.

Oriental poppies were everywhere!  Almost as tall as I am.  Salmon, bright pink and pale pink and some with the seed pods standing straight staring me in the eye.  It was heaven.  See, this is the first time I've actually seen oriental poppies in real life!  I comensed to taking hundreds of photos and snipped off a few stems with blooms and the seed heads.   Tidbit: You're supposed to burn the cut stem as soon as you pick a poppy! 

I couldn't wait to begin painting! 

(this one is called a peony poppy)

Anna Mason has a brilliant tutorial on how to paint this very poppy.  It's wonderful to watch, especially helpful with the center and the amazing "bloom" on the seedpods. Wow! Anna Mason Poppy Tutorial
I was excited and nervous to paint all those little frills. This was completed last year and I'll definitely paint some poppies again this year (hopefully from out of my own garden!).  I hope to see much improvement with all I have learned throughout the past year. 

{color mixes:French Ultramarine Blue (D.S.) + Hansa Yellow medium (D.S)  + Cerulean Chromium(D.S.), Sap Green + F.U.B. (D.S.) and then add Transparent Mars Brown (Maimeri Blu), S.G. + U.B. + H.Y. M. (D.S.),  Cadmium Red Deep + Opera Rose, O.R. + Permanent Rose, Permanent Mauve, P.M + Bright Violet (Holbein), Goethite (D.S.) + Raw Umber and then add that mix along with C.R.D + F.U.B. + H.Y.M, Quinacrodone Gold (D.S.) + C.C (D.S) and then add that mix along with Jane's Gray (F.U.B. + Burnt Sienna)}