Sunday, March 26, 2017


There are an uncountable many of tulips on the market.  Right now I have about 10 different colored ones blooming early in my sunroom!  Parrot Tulips are amongst the prettiest!  Last year I had several to bloom and that caused a good many photos to be taken for painting purposes!  My Angel Tulips are just a week or so away from blooming outside (about three weeks earlier than last year due to a mild winter)!  

So, Parrot Tulips,.... they are an artist's dream or nightmare as far as the difficulty goes.  Just the drawing alone can be daunting.  I painted these two pages in my journal last year before I saw that Anna Mason has another amazing tutorial.    Anna Mason's Black Parrot Tulip Tutorial   So, just remember, these were painted LAST year!  Ugh!  It's good to see growth by looking back!  And we probably learn something with every painting we create...

(Anna Mason's Black Parrot Tulip Tutorial)

(Mine from last year)

(Mine from last year)

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