Wednesday, March 29, 2017


What a crazy neat flower this one is!  I've not seen one in real life until last year as I was driving home from work one Saturday,... I spotted a big patch of them at the end of a driveway.  Well, they  looked abandoned to me (wink, wink).  After taking bunches of photos of all stages of growth, I pulled up a couple of baby starts from the clump.  Which will make it spread its wings and be an even happier plant so that was a good thing!

I never would have imagined all the tiny little flowers that make the whole.  And the colors how they slowly fade from top to bottom.  It's such a gift to see through an artist's eye.... I see so much more than I ever would have noticed before. 

 This is a study painted from last year.  It's very subtle and on the mixed media paper which is why there are some many wrinkles.  But it served it's purpose which is to)figure out my color mixes for when I paint a "real" painting and again, on "real" watercolor paper. (I can't figure out why but when I crop the photo and save it that black line pops up.  I'll take another photo and try again.  So weird!)

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