Monday, May 8, 2017

As part of my studies for Dianne Sutherland's classes, we have to make a chart with our greens.  I've been dreading it for some reason as I thought it was going to be mundane.  But, I actually really enjoyed it!  I've used the charts many times and want to do more charts with different colors... I don't know why I still have problems with figuring out if colors are cooler or warmer..... Maybe that comes with practice or I think I need to focus and learn more about colors.....   Many blogs have helped me with this... I'll add my favorites as soo as I can find the exact posts.


kathleen skinner said...

I've been wandering how you get so many yellow and green variations. I just realised that you have SO many more greens, blues and yellows than I do. No wonder!

Stacy said...

Kathleen, I used EVERY yellow and green in my arsenal! And then added tweeks like adding Translucent Orange or Permanent Rose, etc. How on earth can anyone do all this! lol Dianne Sutherland has an AWESOME green chart on her blog (I think it's on there)! I tried hinting she needed to make a "poster" of her chart that other people can buy. I need to make some better charts but I just don't have the time!