Thursday, March 8, 2018


It's SPRING!!! Well, kind of...  never mind we might be getting snow this weekend!  My tulips are popping up and making me so happy!  I've been nervous to try frilly tulips because of all the crinkles and folds, etc.  But I'm hoping to learn more and more with each study so here I go:

I layed washes of Lemon Yellow and then added some warm washes of an orangish mix 

Adding brighter Lemon Yellows to the right hand side and different orangish mixes....Now, I use Cerulean Blue on the outer left side petals and then start adding some green mixes...I make sure my brush strokes follow along the natural angles of the petals to maybe help with the visual texture of the "streaks" of various hues of greens and blues... (that's the idea anyway)!

  I added more yellows and reddish oranges to the inner petals.....some darker blues and more greens to the outer petals...

Here I added much deeper greens and some Quin Magenta on the outter most petal on the right hand side....  I also added some deeper details trying to focus on the "crinkles" and folds.... I'm still trying to figure that out.  
I like the much darker blues and greens.  In the photo I was painting by the stem is this dark but I know better and shouldn't have painted it that dark.  Too late at night and not thinking!  The top half petals I haven't finished with detail work but got excited to start on a Parrot Tulip!  I'll come back to this one day and finish it up....

I'll add the color mixes tonight.


I was looking forward to painting this zinnia because of all the different pink hues and especially the brown faded splotches!  I figured...